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Students working with cases, Innovation Inspired by Nature, Kick-off event at the Zoo, August 2013.

The innovation challenges

Kongskilde Industries A/S

Every year Kongskilde Industries A/S produces over 700.000 pieces of wear parts and additionally over 500.000 spare parts for soil tillage machines. Today 40-60 percentage of a wear part is not worn away when the parts have to be changed due to functional considerations. This causes a major resource waste and loss of time. The main innovative challenge is to develop brilliant ideas and inspiration for wear parts for soil tillage implements at Kongskilde. Kongskilde is not looking for solutions that may expand the durability in relation to lifetime only. Kongskilde is searching for solutions that improve the material exploitation, increasing lifetime/price ratio by upgraded engineering methods and reducing costs.

PPG Industries

PPG Industries is one of the leading global producers of coating. PPG supports industries such as automotive and aerospace all over the world and supply the overall market with coatings, which include everything from professional painters to DIY users. PPG Industries are looking for new ideas on how to reduce the usage of toxic chemicals in wood coating - preferentially a solution without any toxic chemicals, and with no leakage of chemicals. The main challenge is to find alternative ways to protect wood and avoid/eliminate blue stain fungus in coated wood panels.


Working with Experience Economy in a very diverse knowledge environment Dare2 needs an engaging and innovative setting for meetings at Dare2Mansion. The specific innovation challenge is to create a new and innovative outdoor meeting area at Dare2Mansion. The design concept must be inspired by nature and fit the values of the organization and the core competencies of Dare2. At the same time the concept must push the boundaries for what would normally constitute a meeting area. The concept for the new meeting area should be physical and placed somewhere at the grounds of the DARE2mansion, Vermundsgade 13-15, 2100 Copenhagen East.

City of Copenhagen/Center for Renhold

Department of Cleaning at the City of Copenhagen are posing the students with a well known challenge in many cities around the world: the cigarette butts that people throw on the streets and not in the garbage bins. Here the students are faced with the challenge of finding alternative and sustainable solutions to the handling of the cigarette butts that pollute the streets of Copenhagen. The concept must address the behavioral as well as the environmental side of the problem.