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Meet the experts and facilitators

The summer school is put together by researchers and teachers from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at UCPH, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Management Engineering DTU and CBS. Together this cross-disciplinary corps has developed the course content and designed the three-week learning program around biomimetics and innovation. A group of facilitators are also connected to the course and these creative people will assist the students during the summer school.

Annette Bruun-Jensen is associate professor at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 'Zoologi og Botanik' at the University of Copenhagen. Annette Bruun-Jensen has a business PhD. Her research interests are population ecology and evolution of insect pathogenic microorganisms and economically important insects (honeybees and aphids). Annette is the course manager  and  will give biomimicry lectures and counseling sessions during the summer school.
As a Creativity Researcher and Practitioner, PhD Balder Onarheim has many years of experience with applied creativity through design thinking. Balder Onarheim is currently assistant professor with the Technical University of Denmark and external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. He studied at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and has previously worked as an organizer at Pecha Kucha CPH. Balder Onarheim will guide the students through the kick-off day and give lectures in innovation and creative processes.
Daved Barry is Professor of Creative Organization Studies, Department of Management, Politics, and
Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School. Daved Barry’s primary research areas and interest  are design, arts, and humanities-based approaches to management and organization. He is especially interested in how such processes can be applied to innovation, creativity, change, strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, and work-place development. Daved will give innovation lectures during the summer school.
Torben Lenau is associate professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. His research on integrated material design and biomimetics is focused on cross-disciplinary innovative processes within material selection and development. Torben’s interest range from material innovation to aesthetic surfaces, design for manufacturing, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. At the summer school Torben will give lectures in biomimicry and counseling sessions.
Philip Cash, PhD, is a doctoral graduate from the University of Bath (UK) and has done extensive research on design activity and design methods in practice. He is Assistant Professor Department of Management Engineering, Technology and Innovation Management at the Technical University of Denmark. In particular Philip Cash has experience with biomimicry and bioinspired design in designing mechanical products. Philip will give a biomimicry lecture at the summer school.
Morten Friis-Olivarius is a Neurobiologist and PhD Fellow with the Decision Neuroscience Research Group at Copenhagen Business School. He is specialized in how to understand creativity through understanding the human brain. Morten Friis-Olivarius will give an inspirational lecture about the creative mind during the summer school.
Maja Horst, associate professor and Head of Department, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. Maja Horst holds a PhD from Copenhagen Business School in Science and Technology Studies. Her areas of interest are the relationship between science and society - with particular focus on public communication regarding science and technology. Maja Horst will give a lecture in cross-disciplinary research.
Dr. Julian Vincent, is an expert in Biomemetrics and has established the Center for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath (UK). He holds a first degree from University of Cambridge in Natural Sciences (mainly zoology) a PhD and a DSc from the University of Sheffield. His interests range from composite materials to food science and to biomimetics in architecture. Julian will be giving an inspirational lecture and counseling sessions during the summer school.
Maria Mackinney-Valentin is PhD and associate lecturer at The Danish Design School. Maria Mackinney-Valentin’s research area is trends in fashion, why and how fashion trends change, and whether the growing decentralisation and democratisation of fashion in the 21st century has altered trend mechanisms. Her research shows that trends are not going out of style in the 21st century; instead they mutate and live on in new guises. Maria will give an inspirational lecture on her research during the summer school.
Rikke Okholm is Katapult’s innovation consultant. She is specialised in innovation management and design methods.  Rikke is involved in the shaping of the summer school course and the development of the learning process in the course. Rikke has many years of experience with idea generation, product design, innovative processes  and facilitation. She will be facilitator for two student teams during the summer school. Rikke will also create different workshops and excersices during the summer school.
Joakim Rex is a freelance expert in facilitation, design thinking, idea generation, social innovation  and project managing. He has a background as a kaospilot and was a part of the Next Generation summer school last year. Joakim will be facilitator for two student teams at the summer school this year. He has also created a workshop on idea generation that the students will participate in during the summer school.
Marjanne Kurth has worked with innovation projects in the art- and design industry for many years. She has experience with concept development, design and facilitation of innovation processes. Working at Katalyst she colaborates with teachers at UCPH about the integration of innovation and practice in the curricular activities at the university.  She is specialised in project and process management, case developement and innovation processes. Marjanne will be connected with two student teams as a facilitator.
Nina Riis is Katapult’s course and programme consultant. Nina develops workshops with an eye for innovation, entrepreneurship and idea generation. Nina has a background within the fields of dramaturgy and media. She founded her own consultant company as a student and has a keen eye for how students appreciate and grasp the many possibilities that come with subject knowledge and experience. Two student teams will work with Nina as their facilitator.
Majse Garde has a background in dramaturgy and coaching. This gives her a certain feel when she works with developing the creative sides of people and organisations. Majse is specialized in storytelling and in playing with creativity when she works with communication training, copywriting, counseling and leadership coaching.  She has previously worked with DR as a script developer. Majse will take the students through a different kind of workshop where they will learn about the art of the good presentation.