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Students learn from bees, beetles and botany

This year the theme of the Next Generation summer school is Innovation Inspired by Nature. With nature as a source of inspiration 40 students from UCPH, DTU, CBS and international universities will participate in developing new solutions to cases suggested by four external companies. They will be taught the newest theories and methods from experts in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship,biomimicry, bionics, evolution, design, communication and team dynamics. 

It is nature’s own way to handle problems that will inspire the students to create innovative solutions to challenges posed by four companies. The students will work closely with a cross-disciplinary teaching corps and creative facilitators. We have gathered 40 students from very different fields such as biology, physics, business and human and social sciences. The students will work together in cross-disciplinary teams and learn how to use the competencies of both them selves and other in an innovative process.

Students at work in cross-disciplinary teams. Summer school in Service Innovation, 2011.

What is biomimicry?

Biomimicry is composed by the word bios, e.g. life, and mimesis, e.g. to mimic. Biomimicry puts forward a new way of looking at problem solving. Here nature’s resources are not being exploited by the 'heat, beat and treat” methods we use today. Nature becomes the teacher with its circuits and principles of design. With nature as an inspirational source the students will be capable of creating more sustainable designs and solutions to the challenges that they are faced with.

Facts and dates

The summer school is the third in a row and is a part of the project Next Generation. In 2011 the theme was Service Innovation and in 2012 it was Cleantech. The sommer school starts with a kick-off event at Copenhagen Zoo follow by three-week program packed with lectures, workshops, case work and prototyping. The sommer school runs from the 12th of August to the 30th of August set in the Studio, a villa on Frederiksberg.

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